Voice chat service Discord attacked, misused to host malware

Discord, a popular gaming voice chat service, was recently attacked by hackers and used to distribute various malware among their user base.
Reported by security firm Symantec in a press release, Discord’s chat servers were misused to host malware like remote access Trojans.
Discord’s user base has grown to over 11 million since their March 2015 release and has become the popular voice chat solution for gamers and live-streamers alike.
The free service allows its users to post messages and links, embed photos and video, and upload attachments using the chat feature. Attackers have been utilizing this feature to create servers and upload malicious attachments to the chat, and some attackers manually post malware to servers they’ve been invited to.
Discord has responded by removing the malicious malware from the servers’ chat channels and implementing a new virus scan feature.
Symantec recommends Discord users not to download or run programs from anyone you do not know, using Discord’s permission control services, be wary of content posted on chat channels, and to not give out personal information to strangers when using the voice channel.

Source: https://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/attackers-use-discord-voip-chat-servers-host-nanocore-njrat-spyrat

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