Credit where credit’s due: Moorpark Film Department’s IMDB recognition

Anyone can shoot a film, but to garner recognition is tough work and sometimes surprising.

For the Moorpark College film department, their movie “The Room” has gained prestigious Internet Movie Database credits and has given film instructor A. Ferenc Gutai just such a pleasant surprise.

“I’ve never sent for IMDB credits,” said Gutai, laughing. “It actually just happened. I don’t know who did it, but I do know there [are] certain criteria that has to be met.”

“The Room” had met these criteria and earned its IMDB credits through different requirements. For accreditation, a movie has to be a legitimate production, consisting of filming protocols and structures, like a full cast and crew of directors, producers, and directors of photography. A large factor in getting the film accredited was the budget, funded by Moorpark College. Since the film was not just a student production, but a whole department’s, the larger budget gave it the level of professionalism sought after by the IMDB.

“The Room” actor Andrew Wolf feels the IMDB credits are an honor that rewards the efforts of the cast and crew.

“Coming from a community college,” said Wolf. “[the IMDB credits are] such a huge achievement for anybody, considering how ever many hoops we had to jump through.”

“The Room” is a suspenseful thriller following a family who considers themselves as the ideal American family, but perfection is difficult to maintain.

The film premiered in May 2009 after three months of production. With 150 people on the production team, “The Room” was not a small studio project, but a legitimate production. It is the second production of the film department, following their May 2008 film “Trauma.”

With “The Room” in its wake, the film department is now in pre-production for their next film.

Helmed by director Steven Mallett and writer Scott Landsman, “Elena” is the working title for the new film. Branching off from a meeting in the desert between drug smugglers and Hispanic illegal immigrants, “Elena” will deal with the prejudices of the people on both sides of the border and the drug cartel. The film has been in pre-production since Fall 2009 with the completed script undergoing some modifications and is starting production on the week of Mar. 15, shooting on location in Palmdale and Apple Valley.

From the success of their previous efforts, Gutai has hope for the future and feels that the film department is headed in the right direction.

“I’m very proud of what we’re doing,” said Gutai. “I’m proud of our program.”

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