In the belly of the beast: PixelJunk Shooter 2 Impressions

Going with the flow, PixelJunk Shooter’s dynamic fluids and scientist rescuing antics return to the PlayStation Network with new creative game play mechanics like light and corrosive acids.

Photo by Kenny RedubloContinuing right after the first game, players find themselves rescuing more scientists from peril in even more perilous landscapes while discovering the strange inner workings of an alien planet and its inhabitants.

The E3 demo showed off two levels that introduced new mechanics unseen in the PixelJunk library. In the level “Inner Space,” the dynamic of stomach acid is introduced, where if any is splashed onto the ship, the outer hull will corrode until it is rinsed off with water.

The acid gives the game a more urgent feel and makes the players focus on the careful exploration and control of the ship.

In the level “Lights Out,” the light and dark mechanic is introduced, where players must tread carefully and quickly through the dark environments or the alien equivalent to the boogieman will destroy the ship. Though sometimes frustrating after many retries, this mechanic also adds to the sens of urgency, but also displays the harsh and dangerous enemies of the game.

Though the game play is essentially the same as the first title, these new mechanics keep the series interesting and challenging while maintaining their signature visual style of high definition vector graphics and lively color palettes. More details on the release date will be revealed later in the year.

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