Setting the world on fire with the new Twisted Metal


Photo by Kenny Redublo

The pioneers of car combat are back with Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3. Straying away from the dark atmosphere of Twisted Metal: Black on the PlayStation 2, the series’ first foray on the PS3 hearkens back to their roots with the almost Running Man-esque game show feel mixed with Mad Max style factions and gang wars.

The demo shown at the Sony booth showcased the 12-player online multiplayer team deathmatch mode with teams named after series’ characters Sweet Tooth (clowns) and Dollface (dolls).The fight took place on the suburbs map, echoing its roots from Twisted Metal on the first PlayStation. Sticking with the original concept of the world being the Twisted Metal tournament’s battlefield, the map complements the chaos the car combat creates. With houses being demolished and city streets littered with explosions, this contrast of everyday life turned explosive is the series’ trademark.

The game essentially plays like its predecessors with modern refinements. Each car is equipped with a variety of firearms like missiles, napalm canisters and a unique special attack ranging from flaming chainsaws to hospital patients strapped to stretchers with explosives. It’s as insane as it sounds.

Sub attacks like freeze rays and shields were previously performed by combinations entered into the directional pad, but are now streamlined to just use one direction like pressing up to freeze opponents. With these refinements, combat is much faster and more efficient than its predecessors.

Though team deathmatch was the only mode on display, more are to be announced throughout the year and the details of single player campaign will be revealed sometime before its 2011 release window. With a 16-player online multiplayer and the quirkiness and solid gameplay of the original series, Twisted metal is a more than welcome return to the beloved PlayStation series.

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