Unexpectations: E3 2011 Day 1 “So says Mr. Destructoid…”

Day 1:

Gas. Brake. Traffic. I thought 9:30 in the morning would be more than sufficient for clear roads. Of course, I was wrong. The usual 45 minute drive turned into an hour and a half of me cursing every congested junction I pass. I just wanted to get to E3 already!
Well, after a strenuous test of patience, I had finally arrived… to a four block trek.

Photo by Kenny Redublo

First walk of the expo

Not too bad considering the beautiful weather. For someone who doesn’t really know the existence of time before noon, I had quite the bit of energy. It was the E3 energy.
Dressed in my best bowtie and vest, I was ready to ham it up as Mr. Destructoid. To strut was my calling and to pose was my purpose.

Fresh out of the Nintendo press conference, I met Jesse “Tactix” Cortez, the ever great Dtoid SF community manager and most of the Dtoid team.

Photo by Kenny Redublo

Always be busy

Photo by Kenny Redublo

Work work

The burning excitement was still ever lasting from the press conference, with the Wii U announcement and other Nintendo charm in the eyes of the staff. It was really great to see that common glee for video games instead of getting blank stares.

Having some spare time before I get into some mascot hijinks, I got to tour the expo floor. Due to me being excessively ready with camera equipment, Niero asked me to tour the Nintendo booth since that is what would be the hype of the day, coming fresh out of the presser. And focus I did.

Lines galore and pretty ladies tethered with tech, the Nintendo booth and its pretty lights was a warm welcome to E3. With tons of demos and the Wii U actually playable, give or take, the booth seemed to take the attendee saturation statistic.

The wait time signs proved no hinderance to eager attendees, while some just wanted the “experience.”

As the booth started to fill, the girl holding the Wii U controller I had previously talked to became surrounded by overly anxious photographers, taking awkwardly close photos of the controller near her crotch.

Photo by Kenny Redublo

Calm before the storm

Photo by Kenny Redublo

Never mind that hottie, that's the effin' Wii U!

A look of discomfort was shot across the lurchers to me, in which all I could return was sympathy. So sorry, miss.

As I frolicked the floor, I couldn’t find the urge to stop myself and just play something. I was on a roll to just get footage of everything. I was addicted to footage. Video games were a second priority and I had no idea why. It was the journalist in me branching out. I also got to give Jeff Gerstmann and Vinny Caravella of Giant Bomb greatness my business card! Alright!

But I still did manage to break away from coverage lust to play Dance Central 2. I can’t express the joy I felt dancing to Montell Jordan’s ‘This is How We Do It.’ It is just ‘how we do it.’ I was also really happy to find out that one of the dancers remembered me from last E3. Not one for goodbyes, I told them I’ll be back… wearing a robot head.

It was time to don the mask. And a role it was.

Photo by Kenny Redublo

You know. Robot business.

Being silent in that head as I followed Jesse’s feet around the floor, all I could think about was that Sanford and Son theme song to motivate my strut. It worked, since I heard some ladies say, “I like how the robot walks!” Success.

Photo by Kenny Redublo

Mission accomplished.

So I posed and strutted and apparently met quite a few people. I think I met the head of Gaijin Games. That would explain that Commander Video pin I had on me.

Photo by Kenny Redublo

Dtoid Royality Hollie Bennett

Photo by Kenny Redublo

The infamous bastard himself, Mr. Caffeine.

I danced to Glee songs that Jesse would sing. Apparently, Glee is a thing.

Ladies love cool Mr. Destructoid according to all the photos I saw after my tour of the floor. I couldn’t really see any of them but hamming it up as I pointed and posed as cheesy as can be was the best part of being Mr. Dtoid.

Photo by Kenny Redublo

Also, cocktails.

As the first day of E3 ended, I was sweaty and fancy all over, but the night hadn’t even begun. And did it ever have its lasting effects.

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What I'm trying to do most is trying to do something. It's these short lines of writing that describe me most. Concise but maybe, in a way, poignant.
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