GDC 2015: Escalator Pitch

Everyone tries to take the escalator in the Moscone Center during GDC. It’s the most convenient way to get to appointments, talks, meetings, bathrooms, whatever. But not everyone knows how to use the escalator properly, causing a much longer ride than expected. Let’s imagine this: you’re standing next to a big wig investor visiting GDC with sights on finding the next hot game idea. Since no one is moving up the escalator, you have one minute to wow this wealthy investor. Thus creating the escalator pitch.

Destructoid plays the fancy, rich moneybags and challenges indie developers and the like to pitch whatever they want. We’ll decide if the idea is worthy of our millions.

About Kenny Redublo

What I'm trying to do most is trying to do something. It's these short lines of writing that describe me most. Concise but maybe, in a way, poignant.
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