Identity Crisis: A Blurb on Music Genres

No matter where technology heads, the ever-changing landscape of music can implement its fruits of innovation or battle against the flow.

Wherever music heads, people are following suit. To stay in one place is just counter-productive.

In the golden eras of music, fans stayed concrete to their music choices since innovation and technology were neck and neck, providing births of genres and styles.

Though many can debate the artists responsible for the conception of which genres, there was always a fine line between these styles of music.

Today, these lines have blurred to the extent that artists can consist of multiple genres and sub-genres and styles.

Looking too deep into what these genres classify can take away what really matters most, the soul.

What makes a song a “rock” song? What makes a band “progressive,” “industrial,” “post-hardcore?”

By being so concerned what requirements to fulfill in order to fit a certain group, how can there be any room to know how the song will make you feel?

Music is as moody as the listener. It’s a cause and effect situation. There is always a conflict among technique and soul.

Even if there is no perfect balance between the two, that disarray is what makes music that living entity, constantly changing and evolving.

How music makes us feel is purely an individual judgment. Different situations can illicit different moods, but a song’s ability to relate whatever the situation and mood shadows its status among a genre.

One of the most gratifying aspects of music is to connect individuals no matter where they are in life. Even though the Internet can unleash a plethora of information to anyone, sometimes all it takes is a guitar and a microphone to get a message through.

Artists that inspire are categorized in genres to lead hopefuls in the right directions. Genres are needed for a catalyst, but what lies ahead after that reaction is up to the musician.

Genres are like the lines in a coloring book, you don’t always have to stay in the lines. They are guides for us to make our own path.

Music is a living entity. It reflects the way we feel, the way we act, the way we interact.

With whatever restriction may be built, music can find a way around it. Wherever music goes, we will follow.

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