Learning from both sides of the pen

Convergence has helped progress our society through many aspects like communication, entertainment and creative expression. With the ease and power of the Internet, society can stay connected at all times. Through these connections and quick communication, getting published is as easy as voicing an opinion, but does this take away from the hard work of traditionalists?

Bloggers are a conflicted bunch. Anyone can be a blogger. Ideas clash, views clash, beliefs clash, but it provides an open for discussion. However, since blogging is such an open outlet, there is no filter for quality. Spelling errors, style errors and improper citing can plague most blogs.

Among the masses of blog posts, there can be some diamonds in the rough and those writers can be discovered by the larger publications. So how can that affect writers with previous experience?

It shouldn’t. What these outlets provide is a window to potential. With the pressure from professional publications, these unexperienced bloggers can get motivated to refine their style, voice or technique. The traditional freelancers shouldn’t see these bloggers as a threat, but as students and apprentices.

Putting legitimacy aside, what matters most is talent. A blogger can have awful writing, but their vision can be innovative and original. Likewise, a freelancer can have years of experience, but has gotten out of touch with what is relevant and develop stale ideas. Learning from each side of the pen is the biggest goal.

Originally published on May 6, 2010 @ StudentVoiceOnline.com

Original post: http://www.studentvoiceonline.com/opinion/bloggers-versus-journalists-learning-from-both-sides-of-the-pen-1.2260265

About Kenny Redublo

What I'm trying to do most is trying to do something. It's these short lines of writing that describe me most. Concise but maybe, in a way, poignant.
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